Chiropractic Care

When you were in a personal injury accident of some kind, you likely have two things at the top of your mind: Where can I get the right medical treatment for my injuries and how can I go about getting the compensation I need for my injuries? When many people are in this situation, they choose to reach for over-the-counter medication, surgery, or they may not even realize that they can file a claim to get compensation for their injuries. However, when you speak with a chiropractor after you have sustained an injury, they can assess the damage through a physical examination and through x-rays to see what kind of treatment is the best option for you. Further, they can assist you in providing the support and evidence you need for filing a legal claim and receiving compensation. For more information, please reach out to a chiropractor now.

Can I go to my primary doctor and a chiropractor after a personal injury?

Absolutely. In fact, there is no reason you cannot go to both your primary doctor and a chiropractor. However, many primary doctors will prescribe heavy doses of pain medication, and depending on your lifestyle and your work, medications with severe side effects may not be the right option for you. Additionally, the pain from your injuries will return once the medication wears off. However, when you visit a chiropractor, they can create a treatment plan especially for you and your injuries that involve techniques in and out of the chiropractic office. These forms of treatments can not only help with your pain from the injuries but use your body’s own natural healing processes to begin fixing the injuries.

What kind of treatments would a chiropractor do for my personal injury?

When you visit your chiropractor, they will assess where your injuries are stemming from. For example, if you hurt your back or neck in any way because you were the victim in a slip and fall accident, they may consider spinal manipulation or adjustments to be the best form of treatment. Especially if you sustained a back injury, you may also be feeling pain in other areas of your body like your hips or your shoulders, and when this is the case, a spinal realignment can help with that pain as well.

Your Personal Injury Claim

Many people do not realize that their personal injury claims can cover chiropractic treatment. It is incredibly important that you speak with your attorney on your personal injury case regarding the type of treatment you are getting and what documentation you will need your chiropractor to provide as evidence for your claim. If you want to have a successful claim, it is important that you tell your chiropractor upfront why you are visiting (you were in an accident) and that you will be submitting documentation of your visits and treatment as part of your claims. When you provide insurance with this detailed information, it can improve your chances of having a successful claim with chiropractic treatment.