New Research Suggests Cannabis May Cause Problems on the Road

A study out of Canada that looked at 25 years of fatal crashes in the United States may have found a connection to marijuana consumption.

The study shows the risk of fatal crashes increased by 12% on the evening of April 20. Among drivers under age 21, the risk was 38% higher. Because April 20th is such a popular day to consume the drug, the researchers believe there may be correlation.

The Complicated Causes of Car Accident Death

Like many people looking at the data, I think the causes might be more complicated. People just assume drug use is the main way drivers become impaired on 4/20. But because that date is such a popular party day, it means more people might also be drinking and driving, driving distracted by their friends, or mixing drugs and alcohol to dangerous effect.

More research will help us understand the dangers of this drug on the road. That said, most experts agree it’s never safe to drive under the influence of any drug, including marijuana (whether or not you have obtained it legally where you live).

If Someone Injured You in a Car Accident

As a car accident lawyer in Memphis, I can tell you many car accidents happen from other risky behavior – like texting, for example. People who haven’t slept can drive as badly as someone who is drunk. And even tiny distractions like loud friends or spilled drinks can make a drive much more dangerous.

At our firm, we help people navigate all the different causes of car accidents. And we don’t just assume we know what happened: we investigate it and work hard to understand every possible cause. We rebuild the narrative of what happened during the most intense moments of people’s lives.

That’s what you deserve, and it’s what you’ll need in order to win your case.

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