If you’re injured on the job, should you get an attorney? How can a lawyer help with your compensation claim? Is it expensive to hire a Workers’ Compensation attorney? To help prevent treatment coverage denial, if you’ve suffered a serious injury while on the job, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer Memphis, TN knows and trusts.

In this video, Memphis attorney Darrell Castle discusses why you might want to get an attorney for your Workers’ Comp case.


How can an attorney help me with my Workers’ Compensation case?

You need an attorney for your Workers’ Compensation claim in order for you to be successful in receiving a lump sum benefit for your injury. If you have a disabling injury, then you will need an attorney to make sure you get the maximum amount that the law allows you to have.

A doctor will determine the percentage of disability that you have, and that can be to a certain body part – like you injure your arm or injure your shoulder, or you injure your leg, or foot, or whatever. He will say that you have a certain disability rating to that body part. If you’re really badly injured, it could be to your body as a whole.

But the lawyer can help you maximize that benefit. Sometimes, believe it or not, the insurance company will offer you less money than you’re really entitled to, and a lawyer can help you maximize that.

In most cases the lawyer more than justifies his fee. His fee is a very small percentage of what your lump sum benefit really is – not a large percentage at all. He gets nothing unless you receive a lump sum benefit. His fee is restricted by law in Workers’ Compensation to a small percentage, so it’s certainly to your advantage to talk to an attorney if you’ve had an on-the-job injury.

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