Truck accidents are different from regular accidents in personal injury because of various factors, from what may have caused the crash to the level of damage done. Memphis truck accident lawyer Darrell Castle explains.

What makes truck accidents distinct?

Truck accidents are different from other accidents, if by truck you mean the semi, tractor trailer type of thing. They’re different in many ways: for one thing, the speeds tend to be very high when those accidents occur. They usually occur on interstate highways or other throughways at high speed; and a truck that’s several thousand pounds of steal usually plowing into a bunch of cars or something can cause horrendous injuries.

The issues involved are different as well. You have all types of issues that really take a thorough investigation, which an attorney and his staff of people can do, such as:

The driver of the truck: was that driver in compliance with the law that says he has to sleep a certain number of hours on his trip? Was he keeping his log books up to date? Those types of things are all issues. How was the truck loaded? Was it done properly? All those are factors that you don’t encounter in simple auto cases, so you really need an attorney for something like that.

I’m talking in terms of a car driver or passenger being injured by a truck.  It works the other way, too: sometimes it’s the truck driver who’s injured, and that’s a whole other set of problem you have to look at in these accidents, but those are some of the reasons why they’re different.

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