Under United States Department of Transportation law, data is often collected about how many pedestrians are injured in vehicle accidents in the United States. The average number of people who are injured as pedestrians and accidents involving vehicles in the United States is just over 60,000 people a year. According to the research and innovative technology administration otherwise known as the RITA most pedestrian injuries occur at night.

Therefore if you are injured, a pedestrian accident lawyer, can help you. Your pedestrian accident lawyer in Southeast WA is going to be able to help you catalog your injury, they are going to be able to help you figure out the amount of costs and damages; because when you are injured as a pedestrian and you are going up against the vehicle you’re going to be severely damaged.

If your case goes to trial instead of settling outside of trial, your pedestrian accident lawyer is going to be able to help you prepare. If you have never been to a trial case before, especially for injury, then your lawyer is going to understand that you have questions. Your lawyer is prepared to help you with those questions. Furthermore Telare Law focuses on the client, and they tailor the way they handle each case to the clients needs. This is a very aggressive law firm, and its aggressive approach means that they make the opposing insurance companies think twice before lowballing you.

When you are trying to prove that you were injured due to the negligence of another person, even though it is very clear and obvious who is at fault in a pedestrian accident, you must know the laws of the state you are in. Some states have comparative compensation, whereas others require you to be entirely not involved in the accident anyway lest you lose all right to recovery.

Washington state does follow the at fault or tort, which means that the fall of every person involved in the accident is taken into account when it comes to deciding recovery compensation. This essentially means that your compensation is going to go down by whatever percent you are determined to have been at fault for the accident, and the person who has more at fault is going to pay more damages.

A good pedestrian accident lawyer is going to be able to help you determine if you are in any way at fault for your pedestrian accident, and unless you were crossing the road in an illegal fashion such as not using a crosswalk, then you should not be found at fault for your pedestrian accident in any way.