How could baby powder cause ovarian cancer?

Q: I read on your website that Johnson & Johnson baby powder is dangerous, but people have been using this stuff for years! If it was so bad, I feel like we would have heard about this a long time ago.

A: I felt the same way when I first heard about this issue. But sadly, it appears to be true. And it’s likely this has been happening for a really long time, even if we’re just discovering it now. Here are a few reasons we’ve seen as Memphis personal injury attorneys who are taking  Johnson & Johnson baby powder cases.

1. Baby powder has talc in it. 

Baby powder is actually called talcum powder, because talc is one of the key ingredients. Talc is a mineral, and not all minerals are meant to be absorbed into the human body. A lot of products use it to prevent rashes and keep the body dry. But research suggests the ingredients may be carcinogenic.

2. Talc shouldn’t be able to migrate through your system, but it can.

We all assume baby powder is just a surface/skin-level product, but that’s not always true. In a recent case against J&J, studies showed talcum powder had traveled into a woman’s internal organs. As a result, she developed fatal ovarian cancer.

3. Juries don’t seem confused, because the case is actually clear

Over and over, juries have ruled for the women in these cases. It’s clear to them not only that talcum powder causes ovarian cancer, but that the company knew about it and didn’t warn consumers enough.

I know that can be hard to take in. It’s hard to see corporations value profit over human health, and it’s stunning to watch as those decisions cost some women their lives. If it makes you angry, I’m with you. I feel the same way.

Memphis Baby Powder Cancer Lawyer

Our firm is accepting cases against Johnson & Johnson right now. If you’ve used J&J baby powder and developed ovarian cancer, contact us today. The conversation is free, and you’ll know your options moving forward.