This week, Joan Rivers’ family settled a medical malpractice lawsuit related to the late comedian’s death.

Rivers died days after what should have been a routine endoscopy at a clinic in New York City. Her daughter filed the lawsuit, which claimed the doctors mishandled the endoscopy and performed another procedure – a laryngoscopy – on Rivers without consent.

An anesthesiologist allegedly expressed concern over whether Rivers would be able to breathe, but was ignored (medical examiners later found the cause of death was brain damage from a lack of oxygen after she stopped breathing during her procedure). If you or a loved one have been a victim of an anesthesia mistake, contact a medical malpractice lawyer Memphis, TN believes in.

The suit also claimed the doctors acted inappropriately toward their patient, including taking a selfie with Rivers while she was undergoing surgery.

Both the clinic in question and Rivers’ family agreed to settle to avoid litigation for an undisclosed amount.

Settlement is one of the most common ways medical malpractice lawsuits end. It avoids court, which can be expensive and painful ordeal for everyone involved.

The rules differ for each state, but generally both sides work together to come to an agreement. Then they file the agreement with the courts to make it legally binding. The court can assist if needed.

It’s crucial to have an attorney at this stage. If you’ve been injured through medical malpractice, I guarantee the other side will come prepared with their lawyer, and probably a whole team. It’s nearly impossible to handle a case like that alone.

When you’re looking for a medical malpractice attorney, here’s what you should consider:

  • Experience – Have they handled cases like yours before? Can they tell you about past medical malpractice wins?
  • Personality – You will depend on them, and they will represent you. Do you get along?
  • Trustworthiness – Do they have a good reputation among other lawyers and clients? Do they answer your questions well? Do you feel right about them?
  • Service – Are they easy to contact? Does the staff return your calls quickly and treat you with respect?
  • Location – Are they easy to get to? Are they willing to come to you if you’ve been disabled by your injury?

As a Memphis medical malpractice attorney, I’m proud to say my firm has all of these qualities and more. We’re prepared to help with your medical malpractice case, and would be happy to speak with you, no strings attached.

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