Can You Apply for SSDI Over and Over?

If you suffer from a disability and qualify for SSDI, you may wonder, “How many times can I apply for SSDI?” And is it wise to apply more than once?

Here’s everything you need to know about applying for SSDI more than once, and why you’ll likely have a better chance of success using a different strategy.

The Limits of Applying for SSDI

There’s no limit to how many times you can apply for SSDI. In theory, you could apply over and over again for decades. In fact, you can even apply if you don’t qualify. The SSA will simply turn you down as a result of not qualifying.

Considering the process can take many months or even years, especially right now with record wait times, you may only be able to apply a few times over the course of many years. Most of that time will be spent waiting to hear from the SSA.

However, as an SSDI lawyer who has helped hundreds of people get the benefits they need, I can guarantee this is not the strategy to use if you really want and need disability benefits.

Drawbacks to Re-Applying for SSDI

The biggest drawback to reapplying over and over is that it keeps you from getting benefits you need in a timely fashion. You might have to wait so long that you seriously suffer financially and physically.

Keep in mind, the SSA denies the majority of claims. So unless you figure out exactly which mistakes you’ve made, you may end up repeating the same errors over and over and keep yourself from getting benefits for the rest of your life.

If you do decide to reapply (say, because you missed the appeal deadline), you need to do so with a very clear understanding of what went wrong the first time around. Normally, you would do that with the help of an attorney that works with you and helps to strengthen your application.

Appealing SSDI Instead of Re-Applying

When the SSA denies your claim, they give you exactly 60 days to appeal the decision. That’s the most important moment in your application process, and you need to appeal with the help of a lawyer as quickly as possible.

During the appeals process, you’ll have the opportunity to strengthen your initial application. You may be able to add doctor testimonies, medical records, and other proof of your disability. You can correct any mistakes and clarify your wording.

Then, you bring all of this information before a judge who reviews the information, so you have a second, stronger chance of proving your case and getting your benefits.

This process can be daunting, but it takes far less time than reapplying. Furthermore, it actually deals with the issues at the heart of why you were denied in the first place. For those reasons, appealing your SSDI claim is a much more powerful option than reapplying.


Can I Apply for SSDI Without a Lawyer?

People often ask me if they can apply for SSDI or appeal the decision without a lawyer.

You can use an attorney for both stages, but it’s absolutely critical to use a lawyer during the appeal.

Remember, the problem at the heart of this question is about repeating the same mistakes over and over. Fixing that pattern is one of the biggest resources an attorney offers you.

Our SSDI lawyers look at every word in your initial application and make it our job to strengthen your claim as much as possible before you ever have to go before a judge.

Then, with the full resources and knowledge of our award-winning legal team, we represent you at the hearing. Our own experience and decades of research show that you have a much, much higher chance of success by working with an attorney than you do on your own.

What’s more, it doesn’t cost very much, and you only pay if you win. Even then, it’s only a small fraction of your past due benefits. You keep every dollar moving forward. (And if you’ve worked with an attorney to appeal the decision, that’s probably a lot more in benefits over the coming years than you’ll ever get by reapplying over and over again.)

For decades, our Memphis SSDI lawyers have helped people break this loop of applying and re-applying. It’s our pleasure to get our clients the benefits they so desperately need. And we would love to help you, too.

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