Waiting for SSDI Approval

SSDI delays have, quite simply, gotten out of hand. Currently, over 1 million disability applications are pending review. Attorneys have gone months without pay. And the people who need help the most, who paid into the system, face a serious uphill battle. 

I’ve worked on SSDI for decades, and I’ve never seen anything like this current situation. So what in the world is going on?

A Backlog of Cases

One major factor contributing to the backlog is the sheer volume of SSDI applications being submitted.

In recent years, the number of disability claims has increased significantly, putting a strain on the Social Security Administration (SSA), which oversees SSDI.

This increase has resulted in long wait times for applicants at every stage of the process, from initial application to appeals.

The Impact of COVID-19

COVID-19—and in particular, long COVID—may explain some of the increase. It took a long time for the SSA to decide how they would evaluate long COVID disabilities. With more cases coming in all the time and no clear way to determine benefits, backups became the norm.

In addition, the pandemic caused problems more generally. Shutdowns and transitioning to remote work disrupted many aspects of the disability determination process, including medical evaluations, hearings, and appeals.

Understaffing at the SSA

Lastly, there have been concerns about inadequate staffing and resources within the SSA.

Some advocates and experts have argued the SSA is wildly understaffed and underfunded, making it difficult for the agency to keep up with the demand for disability benefits. One report says the agency’s workforce in 2022 was its lowest in 25 years, even as the people who need SSDI increased by 10 million.

This ratio leads to burnout, which prompts even more SSA workers to quit or retire. 

Evaluating disability claims requires careful analysis of medical evidence, work history, and other factors. The process can be time-consuming and requires a significant amount of resources, including personnel. 

Darrell Castle downtown Memphis attorneyA Lawyer to Help with SSDI Delays

While the SSA experiences serious delays, you don’t have the option to wait. You can’t let their problems become your own: if you need disability, you still should apply. And you should make it the strongest application you can. 

To help, we’ve put together a free report about the disability application process. It will give you the info you need to argue for yourself from the beginning.

However, even with a great application, the SSA might still deny your claim. They deny the majority of claims on the first try.

In that situation, you have to move quickly. You have 60 days to apply, and you need a lawyer moving forward.

Our attorneys help you put together a successful appeal, including:

  • evaluating the initial claim and finding what went wrong
  • gathering additional medical evidence and experts
  • filing the appeal and paperwork
  • representing you at hearings
  • and more

We work tirelessly to get you the benefits you need, and we don’t make anything unless you do. Even then, it’s just a small fraction of your past-due benefits—you keep everything moving forward.

Don’t let the SSA’s problems slow you down from getting what you need. It’s not a perfect process, but the only way through it is to apply and likely appeal. We’ll stand next to you, every step of the way.

To get started, just give me a call at 901-327-2100 or fill out the form on this page.