As a TN car accident lawyer with more than thirty years of experience, I want to share some tips with you about how to stay safe while traveling this holiday season.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of people choosing to travel this year are doing so by car. But this coincides with cooler temperatures, making the roads more crowded and dangerous at this time of year than ever. With colder weather comes icy roads and less daylight, making any holiday trip inherently more dangerous. But luckily, there are ways you can help avoid car accidents during Thanksgiving travel.

Follow these tips for safer travel.

It goes without saying, but always be diligent behind the wheel. These tips apply all year long, but they’re especially important to consider during the winter holidays:

  • Never head out before the roads are safe to drive on.
  • Use extreme caution. There is no such thing as going too slow on an icy road.
  • Use your hazard lights while driving in heavy rain or snow, so you are more visible to other drivers around you.
  • Appoint a designated driver if you plan to drink alcohol at a family dinner or celebration.
  • Leave more room to stop: at least three times the usual distance between you and the driver ahead of you.
  • Avoid braking, but do it gently if you have to.
  • Don’t drive while tired. Driving while fatigued can impair your driving ability as much as driving while intoxicated.

It’s never too late to hire a TN car accident lawyer.

Not everyone who’s been in an accident needs a lawyer. Some cases are simple, and the insurance company agrees to pay you the amount you’ve requested. On the other hand, some accidents get more complicated as the process continues. If the communication or negotiation starts to break down, then you can hire a lawyer. In fact, you can bring a lawyer in at any time during your claims process — it is never too late.

There are many benefits to hiring a lawyer to handle your car accident claim. Lawyers know the laws of your state and how they might change your claim. They understand how insurance companies operate and they can instruct you on what to say to investigators. They can also tell you what documents to save, and they can collect other essential ones you might need, such as police reports and doctor’s reports. Sometimes clients hire a lawyer simply to alleviate the stress of tackling a claim on their own.

Speak with an experienced TN car accident lawyer for FREE.

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