Slip and Fall Injuries in Memphis: What to Do

If you fall on someone else’s property, what options do you have? Should you contact authorities? File a complaint? Here’s what to do if you have a slip and fall claim in Memphis.

What Is a Slip and Fall Accident Claim?

A slip and fall accident occurs when you fall on something on someone else’s property. To be a claim, you have to show it happened because of someone else’s negligence.

For example, maybe someone left a puddle on the ground from cleaning and didn’t mark it. Or a grocery store allowed a spill to sit for hours. Maybe a company didn’t treat ice outside their entryway.

In these situations, even a simple fall can leave permanent damage. We forget sometimes how fragile we are. Slip and fall accidents often cause bone fractures, sprains, and other issues that land people in the hospital. In fact, slip and falls can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in medical debt.

In that situation, you may miss time from work or even lose your job due to your injury. It can have enormous financial impact. You need the business’ liability insurance to cover your bills. And that’s why people file slip and fall claims.

How to File a Slip and Fall Claim

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, you may want to report the company. If they created an unsafe space, you can leave reviews online, contact the Memphis Better Business Bureau, or report a concern to the Memphis mayor’s office.

However, none of those options will convince the business’ insurance to cover your costs. In fact, many insurance companies will fight you tooth and nail.

So if you’re injured in a slip and fall accident, don’t talk with the other company’s insurance at all. Instead, speak with an attorney immediately about your options. They’ll help protect you from companies looking to put the blame on you.

For example, I recently had a client injured in a slip and fall from a retailer that didn’t clean their aisles. The store’s insurance company refused to pay her, because they claimed she slipped on a broken high heel. In other words, they said it was her fault.

There was only one problem with this argument: she’s 80 years old, and she only wears tennis shoes because she’s afraid of falling! It’s a smart argument on the insurance company’s part… if only it were true.

An Attorney for Your Slip and Fall Claim in Memphis

For decades, our firm has helped people in Memphis get the compensation they need and deserve after a slip and fall accident, and we can help you, too.

We know the system and will fight for you in court, so these big insurance companies don’t get away with blaming you for something that wasn’t your fault. What’s more, we don’t make a dollar unless you win.

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