Personal Injury Lawyer

When you’re injured in an accident at a construction site, the damages can often be quite serious. Some common accidents include getting caught on something, having an object hit you, getting electrocuted and falling. As you can imagine, these often cause catastrophic injuries. You deserve compensation from the party responsible for your injuries. The following are some things you should do when handling your construction site accident.

Get the Help You Need

It’s not going to benefit you in the least to postpone healthcare. If you are injured in a construction site accident, prompt medical assistance is necessary. When the accident is more serious, a call to 911 might be required. If it’s more of a mild situation, you may be able to get in at your doctor’s office or have someone drive you to the emergency room. In any case, be sure you are examined so doctors can begin to determine the severity of your injuries and come up with a plan for treatment.

Report Your Accident to Your Employer

In many construction site accident cases, you can receive help through workers’ compensation. You’ll need to report the accident for this to happen, though. Another reason to report it is so your employer knows you’ll be out of work for some time while you recover. If there is going to be a lawsuit, it might be nice to inform the employer you’re working on that as well.

Contact the Insurance Company

You should probably also report the accident to the construction company’s insurance provider. Inform the company you are planning to file a claim. If workers’ compensation is a possibility, you could contact the workers’ compensation insurance company as well. If you’re going to use your personal health insurance to pay for injuries while you wait for a settlement, you may want to also contact your insurer, as they may put a lien on your settlement.

Gather the Evidence You’ll Need

When you think about it, there is a lot of evidence you could collect to help you with your insurance claim or your lawsuit. For example, you could take pictures of your injuries and the circumstances that caused them. You could ask for statements from witnesses, being sure to collect contact information for each of them. You could also keep good records of your medical bills and other medical documents.

Contact Your Lawyer

Any time you are injured in an accident, you should get the help of a lawyer. For assistance with your construction site claim, contact a personal injury lawyer, like the office of The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C.