3 Factors in Any Ice-Related Slip and Fall Case

icy pavement - memphis slip and fall attorneysIf ice causes causes you to slip and fall on someone else property, the property owner might be liable for your injuries. Usually this means their insurance would be expected to cover the medical expenses and other related costs. Here are three important factors that might play into a case like this, from our Memphis slip and fall attorneys:

1. Reasonable Care

Memphis gets a lot of ice, and when that happens, property owners need to show reasonable care in removing it from their property so the sidewalks, parking lot, and entryway are all safe.

This doesn’t mean an elderly shop owner has to shovel or scrape all night in the cold. Many business owners and shopping centers contract with companies to remove ice and snow.

Here are some questions that reflect whether the owner showed reasonable care. Did they:

  •  Attempt to remove all the snow or ice from walkways?
  • Warn pedestrians of dangerous spots?
  • Offer safe alternatives to dangerous paths?

2. Where You Live

The Mid-South does get its fair share of winter weather; but what we expect from business owners in Memphis, TN, differs from what they expect in places like Wisconsin.

People in Memphis generally prepare less for winter weather. We’re inexperienced walking in it, and most of us don’t own show shoes, ice cleats, or any of the gear you might need in a northern state. Owners have to take that into account. They know their patrons need a safe space to walk and may not be used to dangerous conditions. So there are times they might be held to a higher standard than in, say, the Upper Peninsula in Michigan.

3. Weather Patterns

If a huge blizzard or a massive ice storm passes through, the owner might not be expected to keep sidewalks entirely clear at all times. It’s hard to work the counter and keep up with snow accumulation. You can’t be out there shoveling all day when you have a business to run.

At the same time, there’s a reason so many businesses close when the weather looks bad – including public businesses like schools and libraries. If it’s too difficult to keep the parking lot and entryway safe, it may not be necessary to open that day.

The law takes into account their decision to stay open, and how well they protected their customers after making that decision.

Memphis Slip and Fall Attorneys

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