Recently Memphis Daily News reported two stories in a row, both of which I found interesting:

First, they reported the great news that US home prices have risen by over 12% in the last year. According to their report, “Steady price increases, along with stable job gains and historically low mortgage rates, have in turn encouraged more Americans to buy homes.”

At the same time, they also revealed that consumer confidence has fallen.

Consumer confidence has been at a 5 1/2-year high, and the recent dip in confidence was only slight. But still, what could explain both pieces of news happening together? Why, if everything is so great, are people still nervous?

Consumer confidence hasn’t risen to pre-recession levels yet. People are still anxious about the housing market, interest rates, and student loans. Debt is still a major problem for most American households, and the job market still looks pretty bleak.

Consider one of my clients, who is filing bankruptcy because of her husband’s medical bills. They never expected he would get sick or need surgery. But one emergency devastated them financially.

Maybe you’re the same way. Maybe you’re living paycheck to paycheck with no savings, wondering how you’d pay if an emergency ever came up. Perhaps you face job insecurity or unemployment. If so, you understand the lack of consumer confidence. For you, as for millions of Americans, everything is still unstable.

Memphis Daily News says, “Despite recent gains, consumer confidence remains below the 90 reading that indicates a healthy economy.”

And that makes sense – because the economy isn’t healthy. If you are in a copious amount of debt, credit collectors are harassing you, or you are being threatened with a lawsuit, you should call a top liquidation lawyer Memphis, TN has to offer for further advice.

** The recession doesn’t have to ruin your life.** If you’re in over your head with debt, you can get financial freedom. And it doesn’t have to cost you that much, or be embarrassing, or take a lot of time and energy.

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