Why you need an attorney for your malfunctioning seatbeat injuries

By: Darrell Castle

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Video Transcript

If you’re injured by a seatbelt malfunction, can you sue the manufacturer of your vehicle for your injures?

Hi, I’m Darrell Castle and I’m an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Tennessee and the answer to that question is yes, but it won’t be easy.

Seatbelts save lives – that’s what the slogan says and we know it’s true. Study after study shows that it’s true – seatbelts do save lives. But they don’t save lives if they don’t work. In fact, they take lives when they don’t work.

Malfunctioning seatbelts can cause severe injury, especially if you’re in a rollover accident. But in any kind of accident, rollover accidents tend to eject people who aren’t properly belted in from the vehicle, causing severe injuries. Seatbelts, when they malfunction, cause severe injury. Seatbelts, when they malfunction, do not restrain the occupants of a vehicle enough to prevent them from moving around inside the vehicle .

This is what defective seatbelts can do – they can cause severe head or spinal injuries.

Sometimes, defective seatbelt injuries are not clear. A person has an accident and is severely injured – it’s not obvious that his seatbelt didn’t work properly.

That’s why this seatbelt didn’t work properly. That’s why these cases require a professional investigator – to investigate and determine if the seatbelt worked properly or if it malfunctioned. That’s why you have to retain an attorney who can provide a professional investigator and investigate those sorts of things.

Now, if you want to bring a case against the manufacturer of your seatbelt for a seatbelt injury, it needs to be a very serious injury because it will be a very difficult case to bring.

Death. Paralysis. Severed limbs. Head and spinal injuries. Things of that nature and that severity is what it needs to be. But unfortunately, seatbelt defects often cause those kinds of injuries all of the time. So, the severity of the injury won’t be the problem.