The very first thing a lot of people want to know when hiring a bankruptcy attorney is “how much will it cost.” Unfortunately, there’s been a rise lately in lawyers offering bankruptcy services at a very low rate and then not providing a quality service. 

When I hear the question, my heart sinks a little, because I hate to see people get taken for a ride – especially when you’re already struggling financially. And when it comes to bankruptcy, you get what you pay for.

In bankruptcy, the results of poor service can be devastating. I’m not just talking about hidden fees and unreturned phone calls, although both are terrible. I’m talking about feeling abandoned when you need it most. In extreme cases, it can mean important paperwork doesn’t get filed and the bankruptcy doesn’t go through.

As an added injustice, the very people who are worried about affording their bankruptcy also can’t afford to fight back. 

I am so proud of our reputation at Darrell Castle and Associates. My Memphis bankruptcy firm is known for it’s award-winning quality service and compassion. We never abandon our clients. We’re available and dedicated. We’re here for you, and that means when it matters most, your needs come before our own.

Here’s what a great bankruptcy firm looks like:

That’s us. 

If you’re considering bankruptcy, don’t settle for anything less. Contact me today. The conversation is free.