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Methadone and Drug Replacement Therapy

Our team of infant opioid crisis lawsuit lawyers want you to know about the dangers of methadone and pregnancy. Methadone is a type of synthetic opioid. Methadone reduces the symptoms of withdrawal in people who are addicted to heroin, narcotics, and opioid-based drugs. Doctors use methadone to replace these drugs because it provides pain relief without the typical “high” caused by other opioids.

Only a doctor can prescribe this type of “replacement therapy” or “methadone maintenance treatment.”

Individuals seeking this treatment must do so in a sanctioned methadone clinic under medical supervision.

People often think of Methadone as the lesser of two evils when compared to heroin or other opioids (such as Vicodin, OxyContin, or Percocet). However, the treatment has major risks, especially for women who are pregnant.

Methadone is dangerous, especially during pregnancy.

Methadone is an opiate and is addictive. A child born to a mother taking methadone, even under the supervision of a doctor, will still face withdrawal symptoms after birth. This is because they are suddenly deprived of the drug they have grown dependent on in the womb: methadone.

This intense withdrawal can lead to Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS), which includes both short and long-term symptoms in a child. These include learning disabilities, mental illness, impaired motor skills, developmental delays, and other serious conditions.


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