Workers’ Comp and Company Events

Tennessee has some of the most stringent workers’ comp laws in the country. So it can become a difficult and complex problem if you’re injured at a work-related event outside the office.

What happens if you slip and fall at a company outing? Do you have any recourse?

Here’s what you need to know about workers’ comp and work events in Tennessee, including what rights you might have under the law.

What Does It Mean to Be “Injured at a Work-Related Event?”

Workers’ comp is pretty straightforward if you get injured during normal work hours doing normal work. But at many workplaces, actual work obligations can sometimes feel like a gray area.

Work-related events can range from the boss’ wedding to the company picnic. They might include holiday parties, baby showers, and other occasions related to your co-workers.

It also includes a category of work events known as “forced fun” activities. Forced fun refers to any company recreation that was mandated by human resources. Examples might include improv workshops, scavenger hunts, escape rooms, or after-hour drinks.

Unfortunately, these events pose a problem for the law. It can be confusing to determine whether or not workers are obligated to attend these events – and thus, whether they should be treated as on-the-job activities covered by workers’ comp.

Limitations for Workers’ Comp in TN

So what happens when these events lead to injuries? Examples might include:

  • Tripping and breaking your ankle during a potato sack race at the company picnic.
  • Falling down the stairs and hitting your head at the company holiday party.
  • A coworker accidentally hurting you at the company retreat.

In general, Tennessee businesses have pressed for years to limit workers’ comp payouts – and that includes at work-related events. They want to keep the costs down in order to make more for their companies, stakeholders, and themselves.

As a result, in Memphis and across Tennessee you aren’t always covered for work-related recreational events. In fact, a court recently ruled on this very issue.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t ever get workers’ comp in these situations. It means proving your case can be more complicated, and you’ll need to show the injury happened while on the job.

How Do You Know If You’re Covered?

If you’re injured at a work-related event, there are some basic questions your workers’ comp attorney can ask to help you figure out if workers’ comp covers your injury:

  • Were you pressured by a boss to participate?
  • Did anyone ask or suggest you do any networking or other business at the event?
  • Was it mandated by HR?
  • Were you paid to be there?
  • Did it happen during normal work hours?
  • Would there be consequences if you didn’t attend?

These questions and more can help you, your attorney, and the courts understand whether or not workers’ comp covers your injury.

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