How AI Is Impacting Product Liability Lawsuits

With today’s ever-evolving technology, it can be hard to know exactly what caused the problem in any given machine that malfunctions. And a lot of companies that depend on artificial intelligence (AI) want the new guys to take responsibility. So were you injured by AI? Or by the company that made the product in the first place?

The legal answer might be complicated, but fortunately the path forward is easy for you.

When You Should Blame the AI

There are some situations where AI is very clearly to blame, although rarely. To help you visualize situations like this, it will help to give some examples.

Let’s say a person asks an AI chat bot for a lasagna recipe. The bot uses its training and gathers the information as its developers taught it to. It then sends the user a recipe for poison. They cook it and end up in the hospital.

Or perhaps someone asks the same chat bot for help with a mental or physical emergency. Instead of sending them the correct resources and helping them get proper (human-based) support, it gives them horrible advice that causes injury or even death.

The legal system is still developing around how and when these AI companies might be held responsible for injuries resulting from their product. But in the examples above, it’s hard to argue the product itself is liable, at least in part, for the material it sends the user.

When to Blame a Product Manufacturer

For the sake of clarity, let’s assume “manufacturer” means a company that leases or licenses an AI technology to use inside a larger machine.

The easiest example of this might be self-driving cars. But other examples abound: home sound systems, security systems, and even toasters and refrigerators now use AI technology to make our lives more convenient.

In those cases, if one of these products malfunctions and causes serious injury, who is liable? If a self-driving car gets in a crash or hits a pedestrian as a result of the AI guiding it, should the car company pay, or the AI company?

No one wants to be held liable in this situation. So the companies generally fight over which of the two should pay for the person’s losses. Cases like this are on the rise in the court system and will likely only become exponentially more common as the technology develops and improves.

But while the technology is completely different than anything we’ve ever seen before, some of the rules remain the same as always.

For example, take the current debate over airplane safety. If a plane breaks down in flight, should the passengers hold the airline accountable, or the plane’s manufacturer?

The answer depends on a number of factors. Did airline safety inspectors d0 their jobs? Did issues arise during manufacturing? In other words, who was actually the most negligent?

Help with Your Case if Injured by AI or Any Other Product

In cases like this with new technology, the legal side might be complicated, but your situation is simple.

If you’ve been injured by a product of any kind that caused you significant harm, you need to speak with an attorney about your case. You don’t need to worry about the investigation, because that’s what we do.

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