The irony of debt is that you can look like the richest person in the world but actually be very poor.

Many people struggle to declare bankruptcy because of the shame involved in admitting that you can no longer afford that house, or that car, or those electronics. But bankruptcy is not shameful at all. Not only does it not have to be a big, public affair, but bankruptcy can be very empowering.

Imagine the difference between secretly panicking over bills and living free of financial stress. The difference between fearing a harassing creditor’s phone call and knowing that they are not allowed to bother you again. With the advocacy of a liquidation lawyer Memphis, TN residents trust, bankruptcy can usually be completed within 3-6 months from the date of filing.

For anyone considering bankruptcy, understand that it is not wrong, or shameful, or even a sign of what kind of person you are. It is a legal path meant to free you, to give you a second chance, and to help you move beyond debt to something better. Life after bankruptcy can have its disadvantages, but most of the time it offers a better, not a worse, life.

It takes courage to admit you need help with debt. The people in the comic above represent most Americans today, so deciding to stand up and say “enough” rather than just pretend everything is all right means that you are acknowledging something most people are trying to ignore. But for your sake, don’t let debt run your life like so many other people do. Find a solution. We’d be glad to help you figure out what your options are, and if bankruptcy is the best one, go for it.