How to not let debt get you down

By: Darrell Castle

Are you behind on medical bills? Do you owe way too much money on your credit cards? Are your wages being garnished? Are you about to lose your home or car because you’re behind on your payments?

It doesn’t matter why you’re in debt, but that you ARE in debt. Not having the ability to pay your bills because you owe so much money is a stressful thing and can really bring a person down. A bankruptcy law firm Memphis, TN trusts, like the team at Darrell Castle & Associates, can help manage the best timing for your case.

Is this you? Are you living paycheck to paycheck worrying about how you’re going to make your mortgage payment or stressing out over the credit card companies calling you everyday asking for you to pay on your astronomically outstanding balance?

I have a solution for your stress – a bankruptcy.

By filing for bankruptcy, your debt can either be discharged through a Chapter 7 or lumped into an affordable 3-5 year repayment plan through a Chapter 13. Then, after the bankruptcy process is complete, you have a clean slate and a fresh start to re-establish and rebuild your credit.

Are you not sure how to start rebuilding your credit? We can help!

Darrell Castle & Associates is the only firm in the area with access to “7 Steps to a 720,” a great 14-week online program that teaches you the tips and tricks the banks don’t want you to know in regards to re-establishing and rebuilding your credit the RIGHT WAY.

The decision to file for bankruptcy can be tough, but the process is easy. Don’t settle for a stress-filled life, but take your financial situation into your own hands and file for bankruptcy if you’re in debt.

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You need an attorney you can trust; one who will talk to you and answer questions you have. Let Darrell Castle & Associates talk you and walk you through the bankruptcy process and get you out of debt and onto a better financial life.