If You Regularly Used Johnson & Johnson’s Talcum Baby Powder and Later Developed Cancer, You Need a J&J Asbestos Cancer Lawyer You Can Trust.

I am a J&J Asbestos Cancer Lawyer TN has trusted for over thirty years. I’ve taken on many big cases against large corporations like Johnson & Johnson and won. I’ve watched as these companies seek to profit regardless of how it harms their consumers. And I’m ready for another fight.

As a personal injury lawyer who serves Nashville, Mid-South, and Memphis TN, I’ve seen a lot of bad things happen to good people. The Johnson & Johnson asbestos scandal is no different. Here’s what you need to know.

Johnson & Johnson Lied About the Safety of Their Baby Powder for Over Fifty Years.

According to reports, Johnson & Johnson knew their baby powder contained asbestos. The earliest reports of J&J’s talcum baby powder being tainted with asbestos date all the way back to 1957. But Johnson & Johnson hid this information. They intentionally kept this a secret from both the public and the government so they could continue making money.

Between 1972 and 1975, J&J failed to tell the FDA that tests — at least
three completed by three separate labs — had found asbestos in its talcum powder. One lab even reported levels as “rather high.”

They decided over and over that their profit was more important than the health of their customers. They made enormous amounts of money while the people using their products may have been developing cancer — or dying — as a result.

I Am Offering Free Legal Consultations to Cancer Patients.

I’m offering a free legal consultation to any cancer patient who believes their cancer may have been caused by Johnson & Johnson’s asbestos-laced talcum baby powder. If you regularly used Johnson & Johnson’s Talcum Baby Powder and later developed mesothelioma, pulmonary disease, lung cancer, or ovarian cancer, contact us right away.

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