Over the years, Americans have spent millions of dollars advertising against drunk driving, especially for teens and young adults. And rightfully so. But as a car accident lawyer in Memphis, I’ve seen another major problem affect our kids’ safety on the road this whole time, and fewer people know about it: they’re at a much higher risk than the rest of the population for a drowsy driving accident.

When kids drive while tired, it can have the same effect on their safety as a few drinks. Kids don’t realize or want to admit how much they need sleep for clarity and defensive skills on the road.

So how can you prevent your children from getting into a drowsy driving accident? Here are a few tips from what we’ve seen in our office:

  • Make sure you talk to your kids about the dangers of driving while tired. They may not realize how dangerous it can be. Here are some stats to help you have the conversation.
  • Give them options if they start to feel exhausted on the road. They should always pull over and nap or, better yet, call home.
  • Offer to pick them up anytime, anywhere if they get too tired to sleep. It won’t help to shame them when they need a safe way to get home.
  • To the best of your ability, help your child get enough sleep at night. Keep them away from electronic devices close to bedtime, and try to set a reasonable schedule if they have early school days.

Sometimes with homework, late family meals, insomnia, and the realities of modern homes, this isn’t possible. But the more sleep, even by a few minutes, that teenagers can get will help them on the road and in every other area of their lives.

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