“Hello! I’m Darrel Castle, folks. Sometimes people call me with questions. One of the questions that I’ve been getting lately is, ‘How would I know if my child has NAS, or neonatal abstinence syndrome?’ Well, folks, believe me, you’ll know. Number one, there’ll probably be a diagnosis, but if there isn’t, and that does happen sometimes. There are all these symptoms, like if your child has got, possibly, learning disabilities, seizures, unable to control his or her behavior, unable to sit still, unable to stand up, to sit down, just all kinds of things would manifest themselves like that, screaming and so forth, but you would also know, if you as a mother, would know if you were addicted to opioids and took them the entire time you were pregnant, you would know about that. But let’s say that you have an adopted child. Maybe you don’t know about that. You got this child and you don’t know about the child’s history. That could happen, I suppose. This adopted child is manifesting all these symptoms and you don’t know what’s causing, well, you should have that checked. It could be NAS, possibly, because opioids have been sold to an awful lot of people, folks, and people who had no idea what they were taking that’s going to affect their child. Their child’s completely innocent in anything. So you might want to have your child diagnosed, especially if your child is adopted, and you really didn’t know the mother and you’re suspicious of these types of symptoms. Might want to go and do that. If the mother that you adopted from was in jail, quite possibly, that’s not a deal-breaker, because many, many pregnant women have been taken down to the methadone clinic every morning to get their methadone while they were in jail the entire time they were pregnant, and thus had an NAS baby, so those are all some things to think about, folks, but I’ll tell you, the best thing to do if you have questions like this is call me, and we can talk about for free.”