Memphis Law Firm Announces Intent to Join Lawsuit Against Social Media Companies for Harming Children’s Mental Health

Memphis, TN – Darrell Castle & Associates today announced their plans to join a lawsuit against major social media companies for their failure to protect children from the harmful effects of their platforms on mental health.

According to Memphis attorney Darrell Castle, social media companies have allowed their platforms to become breeding grounds for abuse. This includes, for example: cyberbullying, harassment, and exploitation. In addition, the dangers disproportionately affect children and adolescents. Their suit will allege these companies have profited from the abuse. Furthermore, they failed to adequately address the issues or implement sufficient safeguards to protect young users.

In particular, the firm actively seeks clients who are 23 or younger and their families and whose social media use has led to physical harm. Examples include: suicidal ideation and action, eating disorders, sexual exploitation, and self-harm.

“Our children are being subjected to constant harassment and abuse on these platforms. As a result, their mental and physical health is at risk like no other time in history,” said Darrell Castle, founder and lead attorney at Darrell Castle & Associates. “These companies have a legal and moral obligation to do better. Moreover, the families they harmed deserve justice. We intend to hold these social media giants accountable for their inaction.”

The suit seeks damages for the harm caused to children as a result of the companies’ failure to protect their mental health.

“It’s time for these companies to step up and take responsibility for the harm they’re causing to our children,” said Castle. “We hope this lawsuit will bring about much-needed change and finally help protect the mental health of our youth.”

Darrell Castle & Associates is a Memphis-based personal injury law firm with a long history of fighting for victims of major corporations. For over thirty years, the firm has represented injury clients of chemical companies, pharmaceutical firms, and opioid manufacturers. As a result of their efforts, they have received multiple awards for client satisfaction.

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