As a Memphis car accident lawyer, I’ve seen that car accidents often follow a particular pattern – and far too often, they could be avoided if we all paid more attention on the road.

An Accident at a Memphis Intersection

I just settled a case where a distracted driver rear-ended one of my clients at an intersection in East Memphis. I’ve dealt with a lot of cases similar to it, especially since smartphones came about.

Immediately after the accident, my client already felt back pain (sometimes it can take hours or even days for pain to set in, which is why I always recommend you see a doctor right after an accident no matter what).

An ambulance took her to the emergency room, where they took some tests and instructed her to see a physician. She got basic follow-up care and medication from the physician and recovered a few weeks later.

A Clear Case?

This is a pretty typical story. It’s a very clear case, and you’d think she could just deal with the other driver’s insurance company and get a settlement to cover her medical expenses and any other suffering she experienced.

Unfortunately, that isn’t usually the case. Studies show time and again the injured party will get 3x as much if they have an attorney. A car accident lawyer Memphis, TN victims turn to from Darrell Castle & Associates can represent you in dealing with the insurance adjuster.

That’s because after an accident, you aren’t approaching the insurance company as their equal. You’re actually negotiating with a huge corporation, and you’re just one individual up against a large team of experienced corporate lawyers. You know the types – you’ve seen them in the movies.

My client realized early on what a lot of people don’t realize until it’s too late: getting 3x the money can be the difference between having your medical bills covered and having to pay for part or all of it on your own. It also could decide whether you get anything at all for your pain and suffering.

I was able to get a satisfying settlement for my client. It’s what I do. If you’ve been injured in a Memphis car accident, let me help you, too.

Contact me today to get started. The conversation is free, and I don’t get paid anything unless you do.