The new year presents a great opportunity for a fresh financial start.

Video Transcript:

I’d like to help you make a new year’s resolution this year—a resolution to get out of debt / start the new year off right free of debt.
Hi I’m Darrell Castle. I’m an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Tennessee.
Let me tell you how I can do that: you need to take a hard look at your situation right now. If you’ve been suffering with debt—perhaps many many years with crushing debt that you can’t pay, debt that causes you perhaps to get behind on your house note or maybe on your car payment, that type of thing, where you’re constantly under stress, you’re constantly worried about it, you can have relief for that.
You can have a fresh start start again without the burden of that debt. You can do that through bankruptcy—either chapter 7, which clears out / discharges all your dischargeable debt. That means you don’t pay it back at all. You can usually do that and keep your property our through Chapter 13 if you qualify for that.
Or perhaps you’re behind on your house note or your car payment. You can keep those through Chapter 13 and still be rid of most of your unsecured debt. When you get out of the Chapter 13, everything is paid off and you’re current on your house note.
Those are ways that you can get relief right now to start this new year right.

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