It’s time to say good-bye to 2013 – all of the good times and all of the bad – and hello to 2014!

Has 2013 been a rough year for you financially?  March into the new year with the mindset to change that.

Larry Winget is a six-time bestselling author, a speaker and a TV personality from A&E’s reality series Big Spender.  Larry’s New York Times Bestseller, “You’re Broke Because You Want to Be” is a great resource and a kick in the butt to a better financial life.

Larry used to be broke, but now he’s not.  In his book, he outlines his secrets to success with the overarching theme “If you didn’t want to be broke, you wouldn’t be broke.”

It’s a harsh, but true, reality.  People can make excuses all they want regarding why they’re broke, but their only excuse should be themselves.

If you’re blaming your financial struggles on anyone, or anything, but yourself, I encourage you to walk confidently into 2014 and take control of your own finances.

If you’re currently overwhelmed with debt you cannot pay back and it’s hindering you from taking that confident walk, a bankruptcy may be right for you.  A bankruptcy is nothing to be afraid of and can serve as your fresh start to build a new foundation and re-establish and rebuild your credit the right way.

At Darrell Castle & Associates, we have an experienced group of lawyers who truly care about you and want to see you get out of debt and on to financial freedom.  We want to see more Larry Wingets – people who once struggled financially but then kicked butt and serve as a testimony to personally taking control of your life.

We also have access to a free 14-week program that will teach you how to re-establish and rebuild your credit the right way.  This free program with a $1,000 value is full of credit-building tips the banks don’t want you to know.

Please contact us online or call us at (901) 327-2100. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, or would like to explore other options around resolving your debt, please call a leading bankruptcy law firm Memphis, TN residents have been relying on for over a decade. One of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys would be happy to speak with you regarding your situation, free of charge.

Have a Happy New Year.