Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Medical malpractice cases are incredibly complex, making it challenging for the average person to understand their inner workings. Because of this, it can be difficult to determine whether the hospital or medical provider should be held liable. Your first step in the process will be contacting a [medical malpractice lawyer] to help you initiate the process. At some point, your lawyer will likely recommend an expert witness. Doing so in some states is required to take legal action. The following are common questions you may have regarding the role of an expert witness for medical malpractice cases.  

What is an expert witness?

Your lawyer shares that expert witnesses are used to provide testimony when cases go to trial. Medical expert witnesses are medical professionals; usually doctors who are charged with reviewing the details of the case and providing testimony should the case go to trial. Medical expert witnesses often practice the same type of medicine as the doctor who is on trial. For a medical malpractice case to go to trial, you must have an expert witness working with you. Before trial, all evidence must be disclosed to the court. 

What role does an expert witness play in a medical malpractice case?

The role of an expert witness is critical in medical malpractice cases. They are charged with reviewing the case and determining whether the practicing doctor upheld their standard of care, and if this was the result of the injuries the victim sustained. However, perhaps one of the most critical roles that an expert witness will play is their ability to help a jury understand the details of the medical malpractice case.  

Will an expert witness only be contacted if I take my case to trial?

Not necessarily. A medical expert witness may be needed to help determine the details of a case in a way that can be understood by all. It can take time to find the right expert witness, which is why a lawyer may suggest retaining one for your case as soon as possible. There will be specific deadlines in place by the court should you choose to bring your case to trial. To meet these timeframes, you will want a medical expert to become involved early on. 

Why is an expert witness so crucial to medical malpractice cases?

Having a medical expert witness is essential in most medical malpractice cases. A lawyer will tell you that you need a medical expert witness to obtain a favorable outcome for your case. An expert witness will decode the complicated and technical concepts within medical documentation so that all can understand the events that transpired and the impact your injuries have had on you. 

How long does it take to resolve a medical malpractice case?

The length of time to resolve a medical malpractice case can vary based on the unique details of your case. While you may be able to settle within a year, other more litigious situations may take even longer, especially if the case goes to trial.