As a medical malpractice attorney, I’ve seen the question asked before – “Which doctors get sued the most?”

In a recent CBS News article, they touched on this subject listing the top 10 most frequently sued doctors according to their study.

In general, according to data, Americans file more than 17,000 medical malpractice lawsuits a year. Here’s how the different doctors stack up.

  1. Neurosurgeons  – 19.09% of doctors face a claim each year.
  2. Thoracic-cardiovascular surgeons  – 18.9% of doctors face a claim each year.
  3. General surgeons – 15.31% of doctors face a claim each year.
  4. Orthopedic surgeons – 14.16% of surgeons face a claim each year.
  5. Plastic surgeons – 12.7% of doctors face a claim each year.
  6. Gastroenterologists – 11.64% of doctors face a claim each year.
  7. Obstetrician/gynecologists – 11.02% of doctors face a claim each year.
  8. Urologists – 10.49% of doctors face a claim each year.
  9. Pulmonologists – 9.32% of doctors face a claim each year.
  10. Oncologists – 9.14% of doctors face a claim each year.

Medical malpractice is a scary thing. When you go to the doctor for a problem, you expect, with his or her expertise, for things to get better, not worse. However, we must always realize that doctors are human and humans tend to make mistakes. Doctors know this too which is why they carry malpractice insurance.

Medical malpractice is not just a bad result from a test or surgery. When a person claims medical malpractice, they are claiming negligence on behalf of the doctor and that the doctor stepped outside the proper standard of care. They are claiming that any other reasonable doctor would have acted differently. These claims must be backed up by expert testimonies.

If you’ve been injured by a doctor’s negligence, or if a family member has died from it, you may have a medical malpractice case and be entitled to compensation for damages. You need to speak to an experienced attorney. If you or a loved one have been a victim of a healthcare mistake, contact a medical malpractice lawyer Memphis, TN believes in.

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