Krystal Huffman, the 30 year old mother of Braylyn Evans, lost her baby during delivery in November 2011 at Wake Forest Baptist Health – Lexington Medical Center (LMC).

Huffman arrived at LMC at 40 weeks and two days gestation with baby Braylyn set to be induced. Huffman has gestational diabetes controlled by a diet.  That, plus an issue with a prior delivery, complicated her pregnancy with Braylyn.

According to the lawsuit, Huffman was admitted into labor and delivery at 4:55am. At this time, Pitocin/Oxycotin was started.

Throughout the day, there were multiple signs of fetal distress with no action taken. At 6:34pm that same day, Braylyn was delivered.  She was not breathing, had no heartbeat and was unresponsive. About an hour later, Braylyn was pronounced dead.

Huffman’s attorney, Donald S. Higley II, suggested that if the doctors would have acted sooner to the fetal distress and taken the necessary measures, such as performing a cesarean section, then the child would have survived.

Higley’s main argument stated the monitoring of the child was not adequate and the failure to properly monitor Braylyn led to her death.

Higley claims that his client, Huffman, has suffered severe emotional distress as a result of the defendant’s conduct and is seeking compensatory damages of greater than $10,000.

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