Medical Malpractice

Often times we put our full trust in our physicians. We figure “they’re the professionals right”? Although they did have to undergo strenuous hours of schools and training, naturally they don’t know everything. It is for this reason that most doctors and physicians practice a particular area of medicine and specialize in only that region.

With this being said, medical malpractice may and can occur very often. This can be defined as negligence or misdiagnosis from a healthcare professional. This negligence may go anywhere using outdated or faulty equipment, to dropping a cellphone in a patient’s stomach during pregnancy (seriously, look it up).

Although we would love to put our full and unwavering trust in our physicians, the truth remains that they are only human and subject to mistakes. There are ways for the healthcare professional to avoid these types of claims against them. They should make sure they are up to date with procedures and equipment as these things change every day following medical advancements. I would advise them to keep a clear and open line of communication with the patient to ensure they are aware of the procedure and possible outcomes. It is also urged for the professional to obtain consent for every procedure.

Patients may also take steps to ensure they are not victims of medical malpractice. The patient should stay informed in the procedure they are needing and the effects it could have on their body. I understand they aren’t professionals, but a little knowledge on the topic could go a long way. I would also encourage the patient to be attentive when listening to the doctor’s plans and ask questions if you do not understand. Also, bring a friend or relative with you who may be able to understand some or pay attention to things that may have slipped past your ears.

We understand that humans and equipment are not perfect. It’s important that both sides (patient and pro) understand this and are as careful as possible to understand one another before a procedure ever begins.

Medical malpractice can affect your life forever. Should you or someone you know be a victim of a medical malpractice incident, speak with a skilled personal injury attorney in Atlanta, GA. The right attorney will be able to fight for you in and out of the courtroom and try their best to ensure you or your loved one is compensated for your pain and suffering.


Thanks to Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into personal injury claims and medical malpractice.