As a veteran and Memphis 3M earplugs lawyer TN trusts, I’m offering veterans who have suffered hearing damage from 3M combat earplugs a free legal consultation.

I am an attorney Tennessee has trusted for over thirty years. And I’m also a veteran, so I am personally outraged by the 3M earplugs hearing loss scandal. This is why I have become a dedicated 3M earplugs lawyer TN trusts, fighting for our veterans.

Read on to learn about the facts and how we can help if you or your family has been affected.

The Facts about the 3M Earplugs Scandal

3M is a manufacturing company who sold over two million earplugs to the U.S. military between 2003 and 2015. The earplugs, called Combat Arms™ Earplugs Version 2, are two-sided, with one side yellow and one side green. The U.S. military bought them to protect the hearing of American soldiers in war zones.

But, according to a lawsuit filed by the U.S Government, 3M knew early on that their earplugs would fail. And they let the sale close anyway, choosing to make a profit while allegedly knowing that U.S. soldiers would suffer hearing damage from their product.

As for their defect, the earplugs are alleged to have been too short to be inserted into their users’ ears properly. Over time, the earplugs would loosen until they lost any effectiveness to protect hearing whatsoever.

3M is accused of actively choosing to make a profit while knowing their earplugs would fail and leave U.S. soldiers vulnerable to hearing damage and loss. While our children, fathers, and mothers were in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting to protect us, 3M left them unprotected.

Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLC is here to fight for you.

If you used 3M combat earplugs and suffered hearing damage or loss, you need a Memphis 3M earplugs lawyer you can trust. Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLC is exactly that.

I am offering a free legal consultation to any veteran who served in the military between 2003 and 2015and used 3M Combat Arms™ Earplugs Version 2, then later suffered hearing loss, impairment, or 3M Combat Earplugs Lawsuittinnitus. The consultation is absolutely free, and we don’t make a penny unless we win your case.

When you call us at (901) 327-1212, we will ask you a few questions to get to know your case. We’d like to know what base or country you were in when you used the earplugs. Did you buy them yourself or were they issued to you? What was your baseline hearing when you first entered the military, and what it was at discharge? Most importantly, we want to hear your compelling story. Are you unable to hear your baby’s voice? How has your hearing loss, impairment, or tinnitus changed the way you live?

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