Memphis Amusement Parks May Surprise You

Ever since we lost our beloved Libertyland, a lot of Memphians assume we don’t have any amusement parks. As a Memphis amusement park injury lawyer, I can tell you that’s definitely not the case—they just might be smaller than your Six Flags and Disney theme parks.

The Memphis area has a plethora of amusement parks for families and groups. These include putt putt and minigolf courses, trampoline parks, water slides, adventure parks, arcades, even bull riding games.

In addition, a recently proposed new adventure park in Frayser would have a splashpad and other attractions.

Some of these parks have additional features like bumper cars, go-carts, and dodgeball courts. And let’s not forget the neighborhood water playgrounds (or “spraygrounds”) for kids.

These amusement parks serve as a welcome relief for Memphis families, especially in the summer when school’s out and the weather is hot and humid. But they’re also one of the most common places in town to be injured—and sometimes very seriously.

Amusement Park Injuries and What You Can Do

Amusement park injuries can happen all sorts of ways, ranging from minor to catastrophic. A malfunctioning roller coaster or dangerous water slide could be lethal. However, as I’ve noticed in my practice, the most common injuries tend to occur closer to the ground. Examples might include:

  • broken bumper cars
  • crashes due to overcrowding at water parks
  • slip and fall injury from a spilled drink in an arcade
  • trampoline injuries
  • and a variety of other accidents.

Sometimes these injuries might be so minor that you don’t need serious medical attention. What child hasn’t scuffed their knee or gotten a small bruise playing around?

But sometimes even a slip and fall can require medical attention or even surgery. And once that happens, the whole process can get a lot more complicated.

Amusement parks understand their liability for injuries that happen using their facilities and equipment. From the minute they decide to open as a business, they have to deal with local and federal regulations, insurance, and other liability issues.

So when you’re facing medical costs due to injuries like the ones above, you should absolutely not go it alone. They know their responsibility to create a safe environment. When they fail to do so, they owe their paying customers relief for what happens.

Finding a Memphis Amusement Park Injury Lawyer

If you or your child are injured in an amusement park, you need a Memphis amusement park injury lawyer to help you navigate the system. You have enough to worry about just getting better. You shouldn’t have to worry about the legal aspects.

That’s where we come in. Our compassionate and knowledgable attorneys stand by your side every step of the way.

We handle the insurance companies so you don’t have to.

And we don’t get paid unless you do.

As we enter a busy amusement park season this summer, our office is prepared to help anyone injured while out for a day of fun. For a totally free conversation, call me at 901-327-2100 or fill out the form below.

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