Memphis Car Accident Prevention Will Rely on New Technology

In recent years, car companies have partnered with some of the biggest tech firms in the world to answer the age-old question of how to make our roads safer. There’s no doubt new tech could prevent more Memphis car accidents from happening.

But at what cost? And what can we expect from the future when it comes to road safety in our city?

Current Technology and Car Safety Measures

While a fully-safe, self-driving car utopia is a long-way off, there’s a lot already happening right now.

Many, if not most, new car models use artificial intelligence and other tech to make predictions for the driver. These safety features are touted as one of the biggest new developments in car manufacturing.

Examples include:

  • Better speed monitoring
  • Warning signals if a car is coming too close
  • Automatic chimes that encourage seatbelt use
  • Audible warnings when a car is in your blind spot
  • Backup and parking cameras
  • Sensors to remind you if someone or something has been left in the backseat

All of these safety features help to prevent accidents and provide better information to drivers. They come at a perfect time, since the last two decades have seen a drastic increase in distracted driving as a result of smartphone usage.

In addition to these features, some insurance companies have begun monitoring drivers’ behavior using trackers, with the promise of lowering their insurance rates after an extended time of safe driving. We’ve written about this in the past and the potential privacy concerns involved.

New Tech for Future Prevention

As the technology inside cars evolves, law enforcement and other safety advocates have begun working with big tech to develop other features outside of the car.

In particular, new strategically-placed camera equipment could track driver behavior inside the car as it passes certain sensors on the highway. The cameras could tell whether a driver holds their phone, reaches into the passenger seat for something, and other similar behavior that would take their eyes off the road. The sensors would then send the data to nearby law enforcement, who could track down the driver and ticket them accordingly.

This technology is currently being tested in Australia and proposed for the United States. And while it may reduce traffic accidents, it has brought up intense privacy concerns.

car repo lawyer memphisPrivacy Issues Related to Road Safety

Drivers consider the inside of their car to be a relatively private place, even with its windows. Some feel extremely uncomfortable being watched and filmed inside their cars. Privacy advocates also worry a person could receive punishment for safe driving.  For example, a camera may catch someone silencing their cell phone or checking their child’s seatbelt – both actions that could make the car safer, not more dangerous. If they drove safely while doing this, why should they receive a ticket?

Additionally, many feel uncomfortable with big tech working with law enforcement. Historically, many big tech firms have struggled to create equitable products. For example, many sensors in public restrooms don’t recognize dark skin as consistently as light skin. Understandably, some people are skeptical this new tech will record and report people’s behavior accurately and equally.

Darrell Castle downtown Memphis attorneyWhat to Do After a Memphis Car Accident

While all of these new technologies have the ability to prevent accidents, nothing is fool-proof. Every day in Memphis, car accidents threaten people’s safety, health, and even our lives.

If you’ve been injured in a Memphis car accident, you need an attorney who understands this complicated technology along with the complex legal process that follows an accident.

Our award-winning team investigates every angle of your case to strengthen your claim and help you fight back against the insurance companies. After an accident, you deserve to focus on getting better and recover from what happened to you. We make that possible by overseeing every detail of your case and fighting for the compensation you need and deserve.

If you have questions about how technology might play a role in your accident, including the incredibly common problem of distracted driving, we can help. Our attorneys have been fighting back against distracted driving for years.

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