According to The Commercial Appeal, the entire congregation of Great Commission Church in Memphis is working to get out of debt.

The group has a total of over $2.3 million in non-mortgage debt. To get rid of it, they’re selling their possessions, creating emergency funds, and settling the smaller debts first.

As a bankruptcy attorney, I always say you should get out of debt by any means necessary. So I think it’s great that this group is taking practical steps to get rid of their debt.

Debt is a terrible thing. It can hurt your marriage and family. It can keep you from pursuing your dreams. It can hold you back for your entire life.

I also know that sometimes the debt is simply too high to deal with on your own and that bankruptcy is also a valid option. If you are in a copious amount of debt, credit collectors are harassing you, or you are being threatened with a lawsuit, you should call a top liquidation lawyer Memphis, TN has to offer for further advice.

As a Christian, I’ve studied the Biblical arguments for and against bankruptcy for 30 years, and I’ve found that God cares a lot about debt and recommends some surprising ways to deal with it!

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