Foreclosures have recently riddled the city of Memphis. However, banks not foreclosing can hurt the city, too. Some financial institutions choose not to foreclose on homes at all. Instead they evict the residents and then leave the houses as-is. These Memphis evictions hurt the poorest among us and hurt our city in general.

The Problem with Memphis Evictions

First, you have evicted residents who lost their home and potentially have no where to go. Not only do they have to deal with the pain of finding new housing – they also have to watch as their old home sits unused and uncared for. The grass may grow up around the windows; the space may be taken over by drug dealers; and the property itself could fall victim to vandalism. The old home owners have no choice but to watch this happen to a place they would gladly have continued caring for.

Then you have the neighbors of these homes, who worry about property values and safety. Empty homes ruin the appearance of the entire neighborhood and attract dangerous behavior that puts neighbors at risk.

So who is really responsible for this problem? According to the banks, it’s the evicted residents! Since the banks haven’t technically foreclosed, they expect the evicted residents to care for the houses as if they lived there. In fact, some banks will even sue evicted families for not keeping up the property and failing to meet neighborhood association standards.

Stop Memphis Eviction and Foreclosure

As a bankruptcy attorney here in Memphis, I see banks treat people this way often and I can tell you: this kind of practice goes beyond a lack of compassion. It is brutal treatment of vulnerable people, and it shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

If you’re at risk of foreclosure or eviction, you should talk with an attorney ASAP and make sure you protect your house and your rights. Call me today (901-327-2100) or contact me online to discuss your situation for free.

(Photo by Jascha Hoste)