For the last few years, the city of Memphis has been investing in more options for cyclists and pedestrians. Now those investments will include a path across the Mississippi River.

The Harahan Bridge trail will connect the Main Streets of Memphis and West Memphis and cost roughly $30 million to complete.

Supporters compare the project to the Shelby Farms Greenline as a way to help people in Memphis be more active and less dependent on cars. They also hope it will boost the economies of both Memphis and West Memphis.

As Memphis becomes more bike-friendly, bicycle injuries will also likely rise. Major cities that offer bike share programs and ample bicycle paths have seen a rise in bike usage but also some risky behavior.

Commuters who choose to bike to work or to hang out with friends often have concern for how their hair and clothing look. Thus, many people choose to leave their helmets at home and wear inappropriate attire for long rides. These choices pose a safety risk to the cyclists as well as pedestrians and drivers who share the roads. A lack of precautions can also drain money from health care programs as bike injuries can often be serious and long-lasting, especially when not wearing a helmet.

Some cities have even started handing out free helmets and giving perks to people who can prove they wear helmets.

In addition, Memphis is one of the most unsafe cities in the country for pedestrians. Drivers are not used to looking out for people walking in intersections and elsewhere, and that lack of caution could expand to include cyclists even more as the sport becomes inevitably more popular in the city.

All of that being said, having more safe pathways for cyclists will likely help prevent injury and will offer many more health benefits to the people who participate. The risks involved don’t always mean not to bike; but it does mean you should take every precaution possible to ensure your own safety on Memphis’ streets.

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