If you’ve been injured by popular HPV vaccine Gardasil, you should know our Tennessee Gardasil attorneys are still taking cases.

Gardasil is given to both men and women and is especially recommended for teenage girls. It is said to prevent cervical cancer from the human papilloma virus (HPV).

However, it’s also been linked to some terrible side effects, including Guillain-Barré Syndrome – which causes your immune system to attack your nervous system, leading to paralysis.

Other serious side effects can include multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus, blindness, and even death.

If you believe you or a loved one have been seriously injured by Gardasil, you need to speak with an attorney immediately. Drug and vaccine cases have a statute of limitations, which means time could run out for you to get the compensation you need.

You’ll want to get an attorney you trust, who is respectful and compassionate in speaking with you about your situation. Your attorney should have experience with Gardasil cases and should be able to tell you about other big wins they’ve had against drug companies. A dangerous drugs lawyer Memphis, TN relies on has seen countless injuries caused by unsafe prescription drugs and prescription practices. Call to learn how we can help.

We take Gardasil cases very seriously – it’s personal for us, as we’ve become heartbroken seeing these cases and how they’ve destroyed many young women and men.

Contact one of our Gardasil lawyers in Memphis to get started. The conversation is free.