The Instragram app opened on a phone Instagram Connected to Mental and Physical Harm in Children

Our Memphis law firm recently announced we are pursuing legal action against major social media companies, including Meta, which owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. In particular, we believe Instagram has committed lasting and irreparable damage on young people. Here’s what you need to know about our Memphis Instagram lawsuit and why we believe Instagram should be held accountable for what it has done to our children.

What Did Instagram Do?

Instagram’s success is largely due to its young user base, with over 40% of its users being 22 years old or younger. However, according to internal documents and Congressional testimonies, Instagram and its parent company Meta ignored serious problems with their technology, especially for their youngest users.

First, they knew their apps had a negative impact on children’s brains, including:

  • Addiction to their products
  • Interactions with exploitative content and abuse
  • Lack of parental controls or ways around them, and
  • A lack of warning for parents about any of these dangers.

children addicted to InstagramAccording to a report by the Wall Street Journal, over the past three years Meta’s own studies showed that Instagram has had harmful effects on many teenagers, with teenage girls being particularly affected. One internal Facebook presentation reportedly stated that:

  • Among teens who reported having suicidal thoughts, 13% of British users and 6% of American users attributed it to Instagram.
  • 32% of teen girls said that Instagram made them feel worse about their bodies when they were already feeling bad, and
  • 14% of boys in the US said the same

The studies showed that the most integral parts of the app tend to be the most harmful parts of Instagram for young people.

Instead of curtailing their algorithms and making the space safer for these children, Instagram doubled down. They guided children to harmful content in the Explore page. And they’re even developing an Instagram app for children under 13.

“Facebook’s internal documents show that the company’s failure to protect children on Instagram – especially young girls – is outright neglect, and it’s been going on for years,” said Rep. Lori Trahan (D-Mass) following the Wall Street Journal report.

The Worst Effects of Instagram

For some children, the impacts manifest as social media addiction, depression, and anxiety. These are terrible side effects, but some children experience even worse, including:

  • Eating disorders
  • Self-harm
  • Sexual grooming, exploitation, and abuse
  • Suicidal ideation, and even
  • Death by suicide

For Instagram to know these risks and do seemingly nothing about it is a grave injustice. That’s where we come in, and why we’ve decided to pursue our Memphis Instagram lawsuit.

We intend to hold Meta accountable for wreaking havoc on our precious children and teenagers.

If you have a child under 23 who has experienced the extreme harm in the list above, you deserve justice. What’s more, you could be a part of making sure this never happens to another child.

Memphis Instagram lawsuit attorney Darrell CastleOur Memphis Instagram Lawsuit Attorneys Are Here to Help

If your child has been harmed by these apps, you need a lawyer who understands how to take on big tech companies.

Our firm has a long track record of successfully pursuing cases against major companies, including pharmaceutical brands, chemical companies, and opioid manufacturers.

If your child, aged 23 or younger, has experienced suicidal thoughts or actions, self-harm, eating disorders, or exploitation and abuse as a result of social media, reach out to us today.

You can contact us by calling 901-327-2100, or fill out the form below to have us reach out to you.

During our conversation, we’ll discuss your situation and ask any questions you may have. If we decide to take on your case, we won’t receive any compensation unless you do.

Our team is dedicated to fighting for the well-being of children who may still be at risk. You can be a part of that, all while getting justice for your own vulnerable and precious child who deserved so much better than this dangerous app.

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