According to a News Channel 5 report, a Memphis police officer was hit by a car in a Downtown parking garage located at the Washington Ave and North 4th St intersection. Though the officer was sent to the hospital, he was listed in non-critical condition.

The report claimed the driver suffered from a medical condition.

I’d like more details. What was the “medical condition?”

And, if he knew he had a medical condition that may cause this kind of incident, he should know not to drive – that’s negligence.

Did the medical condition develop right at that moment causing him to hit the police officer with no notice? Then, it may not have been negligence. But, if I had to guess, I’d say that wasn’t the case – that it wasn’t an all-of-the-sudden medical condition and the incident could have been avoided.

For the police officer, the trick would be to not give the insurance carrier an excuse to deny coverage under an intentional act theory.

Worker’s compensation is also a factor in this incident but must be repaid from the proceeds of the negligent third party.

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