Rear-end Truck Accidents in Memphis

If you need a Memphis rear-end truck accident lawyer, you’ve come to the right place.

These accidents are as complicated as they are catastrophic. They require the highest level of experience, dedication, and compassion.

Here’s what you need to know about the different kinds of rear-end truck collisions and how our team can help.

Rear-end Truck Accidents: Understanding the Dangers

Whether the truck is in front or back, and no matter who is at fault, rear-end accidents are one of the most dangerous events on the road.

This is entirely due to the size and weight of the truck. When a semi-truck hits a smaller vehicle or vice-versa, the force of the collision can cause serious damage to the car and its occupants. In some cases, the height of the truck’s trailer can cause it to completely engulf the smaller vehicle.

As a result, these accidents typically lead to serious injuries or fatalities—especially for the occupants of the smaller vehicle.

How a Memphis Truck Accident Attorney Can Help YouWhen It’s the Truck’s Fault

In some cases, the driver of the truck may be to blame for the accident.

As with any true accident, no driver wants something something like this on their conscience. But it can happen: a distraction like a text, a simple human error, and in seconds everyone’s life changes forever.

The results can be fatal or lead to a lifetime of medical costs for the people in the smaller vehicle. In those situations, the truck company’s insurance or the driver’s insurance will usually be liable for the costs of medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages.

When It’s the Car’s Fault

In some rarer cases, the driver of the smaller car might be held liable for  a rear-end accident. For example, if the car trails the truck too closely and hits it from behind, the truck driver wouldn’t be at fault.

In those situations, the smaller car typically will still experience worse damage simply because of its size in comparison to the truck. However, no matter what the damages turn out to be, the driver’s insurance should cover an accident like this.


When It’s the Company’s Fault

Truck accidents are notoriously complicated, because multiple different people could be at fault for all sorts of reasons.

Sometimes rear-end accidents that look like the truck driver’s fault are actually someone else’s responsibility:

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The Trucking Companies

The driver’s employer may be responsible for the accident if they push the driver to work in unsafe conditions. Famously, some shipping companies will push their drivers to work all through the night. They might force drivers to continue even if they report being exhausted or sick. As a result, they can be held liable for injuries when they knowingly send drivers into danger.

Truck Manufacturers

In other cases, the truck itself might malfunction, resulting in an accident. For example, if the truck’s brakes malfunction, it might be a manufacturing error.

More commonly, the guard designed to separate the cab from the cargo sometimes breaks. This shifts the cargo forward in the case of a crash and can be extremely dangerous for any truck driver.

Truck drivers and their companies should always run regular tests on their vehicles to make sure they’re safe for the road. But if the problem began with the way the truck was made, the manufacturer can be held responsible.

Loading Companies

In some cases, a loading facility might cause a spill or leak, despite the truck driver taking precautions. In Memphis, we’ve seen everything from gas spills to alfredo sauce filling our interstate during truck accidents. These problems don’t usually cause rear-end collisions, but they can make an accident even worse.

Depending on what caused the initial spill, companies that created, packaged, or loaded the product may be to blame.

darrell_castleGet Help from a Memphis Rear-End Truck Accident Lawyer

Whatever the cause of your truck accident, if it wasn’t your fault, you need an attorney who understands the system and will fight for you with everything they’ve got.

If you or a loved one were in the smaller vehicle, you will need someone who can stand up for you while showing you compassion and respect. You’ve been through a horrific ordeal. Your focus should be on healing. Our team can handle the rest, just like we’ve successfully handled cases against some of the biggest companies in the world.

If you’re a trucker and the accident was the fault of your company, we can help, too. Our firm understands the trucking industry, and in fact I’ve spent some time in a truck myself. What’s more, we handle workers’ comp claims and know how to fight for damages from an abusive or irresponsible employer.

Whatever the cause, call us or fill out the form below. The conversation is totally free, and we can let you know your options so you get the compensation you need and deserve for your injuries.

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