These past two days haven’t been ideal for children on the roadways. This morning, we talked about a reckless car accident in Whitehaven that happened lastnight, landing eight children in the hospital – some in critical condition. And then today news broke of a bus crash with students on board.

The Commercial Appeal reported the minor traffic accident involving a car and a bus that happened this morning at Winchester and Goodlett. Several students were taken to the hospital, fortunately none were seriously-injured.

The bus driver was cited in the accident for allegedly turning in front of another vehicle, causing that vehicle to hit the right rear wheel well of the bus.

The passengers of the school bus may have a case in this incident and their families should seek advice from a legal expert.

An attorney would have to prove liability on behalf of the school driver. Did the bus driver show negligence, causing the accident to happen, leading to the children being injured? According to the report, it would seem as so. But, there has to be proof.

As the report claims, no one was seriously-injured. However, children were injured-enough to seek medical attention from a hospital, and the victims shouldn’t be liable for those medical bills. Also, this accident most likely caused parents to take off work and tend to their children and they shouldn’t be liable for those lost wages.

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If you find yourself injured in a car accident, or if one of your children has been injured in an accident, your first instinct should always be to seek medical attention. After you’ve done that, if the accident wasn’t your fault, seek an experienced attorney to discuss your options.

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