A reckless car accident made news headlines in Memphis lastnight and this morning.


Because this accident landed eight children at Le Bonheur Medical Center.

The Commercial Appeal reported that Kenosha Williams, 26 years old, collided with another vehicle shortly after 5pm lastnight in Whitehaven and then her SUV rolled over into the front yard of a home on E. Shelby Drive.

Williams’ SUV had three adults and eight children in the car. That’s a lot of people for not a lot of seat belts.

The story gets worse, though.

Williams, who was allegedly driving on a suspended license and presumed intoxicated, told police she had taken a Percocet, a strong narcotic for pain relief.

She’s been charged with a DUI/child endangerment, reckless driving, vehicular assault, violation of child-restraint laws, driving on a suspended license and refusing to submit to a Breathalyzer test.

According to police, several of the children were ejected from the SUV. Two of the children taken to the hospital are in critical condition.  The children’s age ranges from eight months to 11 years old.

Police also confirmed of the eight children, only five belonged to Williams.

Court documents state Williams is accused of driving her SUV erratically and pulled into the turn lane to pass another car,  losing control and hitting a Ford F-150. After making contact with the truck, Williams’ SUV hit a mailbox and flipped in front of a home on Shelby Drive.

This is a sad situation and it speaks to the importance of driver’s safety laws and obeying the rules of the road. Why were there 11 people in the SUV? Why were children allegedly not wearing their seat belts? Why was Williams even behind the wheel after allegedly taking the strong narcotic?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, folks – always be on the lookout when you’re on the roadways. You may have your safety first and foremost on your mind, but other drivers on the streets probably don’t. You never know which drivers are impaired and prone to reckless driving.

As an experienced Memphis personal injury lawyer, I’ve practiced car accident cases for decades and seeing situations like these really puts the fight in me to seek justice for victims in car accidents.

Driving in Memphis really can be dangerous and there’s data to support that claim.

If you find yourself injured in a car accident, your first instinct should always be to seek medical attention. After you’ve done that, if the accident wasn’t your fault, seek an experienced attorney to talk to. Call us when you need an auto accident lawyer Memphis, TN residents trust to protect their best interests.

For the quickest and best results in a car accident case, there must be two qualifications:

  1. There must be no question on who caused the accident.
  2. The person who caused the accident must have insurance.

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