As a Memphis attorney working with bone graft injury patients who were hurt by Medtronic’s INFUSE Bone Graft product, it’s clear to me that this city is the place to be right now for INFUSE lawsuits.

There are a few reasons Memphis is a hub of sorts for bone graft injuries:


    1. Medtronic has a center located in Memphis specifically dedicated to spinal surgery. In May 2013, this center went through layoffs, in part because of the controversy over INFUSE.
    2. The first report of Medtronic using improper marketing tactics was filed in Memphis. A Medtronic lawyer filed the whistleblower complaint that led to serious investigation of the product.
    3. Because of Medtronic’s spinal surgery office being located in Memphis, our city is also the filing site for some of the first lawsuits related to the product.


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