As a millennial bankruptcy lawyer TN trusts, I know it can feel lonely and upsetting to consider filing for bankruptcy when you’re still young. But with an uncertain job market, the fall out from a global pandemic, and education debt that continues to skyrocket, more millennials are struggling with debt than ever before. In fact, one in five millennials don’t believe they will ever pay off all of their debt in their lifetime.

Fortunately, you can achieve the bright financial future you’ve always wanted with the power of bankruptcy. If done correctly, bankruptcy can give you a clean financial slate, take the worry of debt off your shoulders, and even set you up to come out of bankruptcy in better shape than when you went in.

4 Tips for Millennials Considering Bankruptcy

1. Find a lawyer you trust.

Working with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer you trust can make all the difference. Thankfully, most bankruptcy lawyers offer free consultations – which means you can discuss your case without making any commitments to working together.  Use your consultation to ask specific questions, like:

  • Have you dealt with cases like mine before?
  • Who do I contact when I have concerns?
  • Will you help me rebuild after a bankruptcy?
  • What will my case really cost?

Be wary of lawyers who quote you a short, simple fee before they hear about your case. It can mean they’re hiding their real fees and will charge you more if you need extra help down the road.

2. Be kind in court.

It’s easy to feel nervous about bankruptcy, especially when it comes to dealing with the courts. Try to remember: the courts are there to help you. Bankruptcy is a tool designed to make your life easier. A lot of folks forget that when they’re feeling nervous. Do your best to be respectful in court, as bankruptcy judges truly appreciate your kindness.

3. Get help rebuilding your credit

A lot of millennials worry about how bankruptcy will affect their credit, but if you’re considering filing, chances are you have bad credit already. Fortunately, with a bit of work, it doesn’t have to stay that way. We offer clients a free program to help you improve your score to a 720 (an A rating) within one year, even after a bankruptcy.

4. Plan for your future

As I often tell my clients, you are never too young to build a better financial future for yourself. After bankruptcy, you have years ahead of you to rebuild and enjoy debt freedom. Find an attorney who cares about your financial future and wants to help you put a new plan in place. One that will help you keep your finances on track, help you achieve your life goals, and stay out of debt.

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We’ve helped thousands of people get out of debt, and will offer every resource we can to help you do the same. The sooner you get the process started, the sooner  you can rebuild and get the future you’ve always dreamed of.

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