If you’re injured in a motorcycle accident, can not wearing a helmet affect your case? Memphis motorcycle injury attorney Darrell Castle explains.

Does it matter for my motorcycle case if I wasn’t wearing a helmet?

In a motorcycle case, if you were not wearing a helmet, it’s a factor. It’s a factor in assessing how badly you were injured.

The other side’s attorneys are going to argue that if you were wearing a helmet, your injuries would probably be less, so they’re less responsible.

Perhaps that’s true – you should always wear a helmet; but it’s not a dealbreaker. It’s not a reason to think, “Well, this one’s on me because I was not wearing a helmet.” Just keep in mind that it’s perhaps an argument – that maybe your injuries are worse because you weren’t wearing a helmet and so the people who caused the injuries are less responsible.

That would be the argument on the other side. It’s something you need to talk to an attorney about who’s experienced in dealing with that sort of thing.

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