This is a wonderful story from someone who filled out Chapter 13 bankruptcy paperwork with our firm, but ultimately decided not to sign with us, and then moved across the country to the Pacific Northwest.

Soon he had to come back to Memphis for his court hearing. Fortunately he’d already met us and our very own Hollis Craft, whose very impressive bio you can read here.

This is what happened when he arrived:

“I paid for my round trip ticket to Memphis, and had a nightmarish experience at some broken hotel, but I wouldn’t miss my appointment for anything. I arrived at the court at 11:30. I thought I had my mission completed until I was informed that without my SS ID, I might as well turn around and go home.

My heart seriously fell out of my body. I felt really stupid and lost, and I wanted to just break down. But then the clerk told me that Ms. Craft recognized me, and that she would help me out, so she had her office fax over the certified copy of my Social Security Card, and the clerk accepted it as a valid ID.

I wish that I could somehow show my deepest gratitude for the selfless service Ms. Craft gave by putting my situation above her other priorities. She showed me that in her position, her personal integrity is her moral compass, and her overall values in life are much more than an income, but her identity. I thank God she was there and showed not only myself, but the Court, that she is an amazing person with a awesome heart of gold.

I know I may sound wordy; however, what she she did for me was out of no where, and I was just another face in the crowded room. I was lost and desperate, and her light guided me to finish what I came for, and this can never be forgotten about.

So thank you, Ms. Hollis Craft, from the bottom of my heart, and thank you Darrell Castle & Associates for being there. I have no idea where I would be if Ms. Craft wasn’t there that day.”

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