According to a report, federal safety officials ordered General Motors to provide information explaining why it took so long to recall 1.37 million cars in the US for a faulty ignition switch. The faulty ignition switch had the potential to shut off the engine and disable safety systems, like the air bag.

The order listed 107 specific questions the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration required to be answered, under oath, by April 3.

The faulty switches have been linked to 31 crashes and 13 deaths.

GM should be punished for this – that’s a given. But how will they be punished?

It’s quite possible the government will punish GM with a fine, but that doesn’t help the injured people. None of that money will go to the people who were actually injured, or families of the people who were killed.

There are probably many tort lawyers (lawyers that seek justice for those treated unfairly by a company, causing harm and suffering) forming a system, trying to find any kind of way to go after GM and seek justice.

Knowing that is an affirmation in my mind of the value of tort lawyers. These lawyers make sure the victims not only get compensated, but make sure the companies responsible know there are professionals out there looking out for and defending the American people. Hopefully the lawyers eventually get paid, but they’re giving a voice to the American person – the person who normally couldn’t afford to have a voice.

I feel for the victims and I stand behind any tort lawyers working to seek justice.

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