As a Memphis infant opioid lawyer, I know that one of the most heartbreaking consequences of our country’s opioid epidemic are the babies who enter this world experiencing drug withdrawal symptoms.

Babies whose mothers used opioids while pregnant can become addicted in the womb and endure painful withdrawal during their very first days through Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS). Symptoms include tremors, seizures, and respiratory distress. The condition can lead to devastating, lifelong medical complications; hospital care for newborns with NAS has cost Medicaid billions.

To date, studies indicate that more than 30,000 babies with NAS are born every year in the United States. That’s one baby with NAS every 15 minutes. It was only recently that doctors began looking for the condition. It’s crucial that we ensure all families affected by NAS are included in opioid-related litigation.


One Family’s Struggles

Tennessee native Robbie Nicholson watched her second child undergo withdrawal from the drugs she had taken during pregnancy. Following her first pregnancy, Nicholson’s doctor prescribed her Percocet to aid with postpartum recovery, which was standard at the time.

Following a full-blown addiction to painkillers, Nicholson sought recovery. Right before her second pregnancy, she began taking buprenorphine to help with opioid cravings. Even though buprenorphine is used to treat addiction, its use during pregnancy can still lead to NAS. That’s what happened with Nicholson and her second child.

“I wanted her to be perfect, and she is absolutely perfect,” Nicholson said to ABC News. “But in the back of my mind, it’s always going to be there.”

Their family has endured what no family should. There are thousands of cases just like theirs right here in Tennessee.

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I’m not just a Memphis infant opioid lawyer. I am also a husband and a father. I know that few things are as precious as the moments we share with our children. And I know, too, that nothing can compensate for the pain and suffering your child has undergone from opioid withdrawal. But a financial settlement can be what allows you and your child to experience a full life. Our lawyers are committed to doing whatever we can to help families who’ve suffered in this epidemic.

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